726 Area Code

The Exciting Adventure of the 726 Area Code: Unraveling the Southeast’s Dynamic Digital Landscape

Introduction: The Dawn of Telephone Area Codes

In the early 1940s, a significant shift took place in the world of telecommunications as the Bell System introduced area codes to manage the ever-growing telephone network. With the number of telephone users rapidly increasing, it became clear that an efficient method for routing calls was necessary. Area codes divided the United States and Canada into distinct geographic regions, with each region receiving a unique three-digit code.

The 726 Area Code’s Humble Beginnings: A Spin-off of the 803 Area Code

The birth of the 726 area code occurred in the mid-1990s when the 803 area code became saturated with telephone numbers. As a result, a new area code was established to serve the eastern region of South Carolina, specifically its coastal cities like Myrtle Beach and Georgetown.

The Expanding Scope: The 726 Area Code’s Geographical Footprint

Today, the 726 area code encompasses a substantial portion of South Carolina’s beautiful southeast coast. Specifically, it covers parts or all of eight counties: Georgetown, Horry, Marion, Dillon, Williamsburg, Clarendon, Sumter, and Lee.

Vibrant Cities and Communities in the 726 Area Code

  • Myrtle Beach: A lively beach town famous for its stunning beaches, golf courses, and non-stop entertainment options.
  • Georgetown: A historic port city boasting a charming downtown area, picturesque rice plantations, and the breathtaking Brookgreen Gardens.
  • Florence: A regional hub known for its universities, healthcare facilities, and thriving textile industry.
  • Sumter: An agricultural center with a rich military history, featuring Shaw Air Force Base and other historic sites.
  • Marion: A charming rural town surrounded by stunning countryside, with cotton production being one of its main economic activities.
  • Dillon: A quaint small town serving as a gateway to the Pee Dee region and home to Dillon County Courthouse.

The 726 Area Code in a Nutshell: Demographics and Key Industries

The 726 area code is characterized by its diverse population, thriving tourism sector, and picturesque coastal attractions, golf courses, and historical sites. Additionally, the region boasts agricultural areas where crops such as cotton and soybeans are produced.

Major employers in the 726 area code include:

  • Grand Strand Regional Medical Center
  • Myrtle Beach International Airport (MYR)
  • International Paper
  • Santee Cooper
  • Florence Darlington Technical College

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