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How to Record Phone Calls on iPhone: A Guide for KeKu Users

Recording phone calls on an iPhone can be achieved through various apps like TapeACall ($11/month) and Call Recorder ($9.99/month). KeKu stands out as the best option, offering built-in call recording and transcription without the need for three-way calling. It works worldwide with any provider, providing a seamless and reliable recording experience.

My Voice Memos from Incoming and Outgoing Calls

Hey there! If you’ve ever found yourself asking, “how to record phone call in iPhone?” you’re not alone. As a telecom professional at KeKu, I can show you how important and useful call recording can be, both personally and professionally. KeKu simplifies this process, offering not just cheap international calls but also robust features like call recording on your iPhone.

Whether you’re a traveler using our virtual calling card or a small business using free phone service with our virtual phone numbers, understanding how to record phone calls on your iPhone efficiently and legally is crucial. Let’s explore how you can do this with KeKu!

Understanding Call Recording

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Legal Considerations of Call Recording

Before you start recording phone calls on your iPhone, it’s important to understand the legal landscape. Different places have different rules about recording phone calls. Always make sure to get the necessary consent before recording. A simple “Is it okay if I record this call?” can keep you compliant.

Why Record Calls?

The reasons to record phone calls on your iPhone are many—perhaps you need to remember details from a customer service call or keep records for business compliance. Whatever your reason, KeKu makes it easy.

KeKu’s Call Recording Features

I can record a phone call while cooking and listen to voice memos while eating

Integrated Solutions on KeKu

KeKu integrates call recording directly into our iOS and Android apps, making “how to record phone call in iPhone” a breeze. No need for third-party apps; just a few taps in the KeKu app, and you’re set to record a phone call.

KeKu’s Special Apps for iPhone

For iPhone users, our USA Call Recorder and SideNumber apps provide tailored solutions for recording calls. These apps enhance the recording experience on iOS devices, making them perfect for users who frequently ask how to record phone calls on iPhone.

How to Record Calls Using KeKu on iPhone

Record a phone call and listen to voice memos later.

Using the KeKu App

To record phone calls on your iPhone using the KeKu app, follow these simple steps:

  1. Download and Install: Ensure the KeKu app is on your iPhone.

  2. Set Up Call Recording: In the settings menu, activate call recording.

  3. Make or Receive a Call: All calls made or received through the KeKu app can now be recorded, either automatically or manually, based on your settings.

Using USA Call Recorder for iOS

Specifically designed for iOS users wondering how to record phone calls on iPhone, the USA Call Recorder offers three dots for automatic recording:

  1. Install the App: Download it from the App Store.

  2. Configure Settings: Choose to record all calls or specific ones.

  3. Record Calls: Calls are recorded automatically based on your settings.

Using SideNumber for Business or Personal Use

SideNumber is perfect for those needing a separate number for each person for either personal or business reasons:

  1. Download SideNumber: Available in the App Store.

  2. Set Up Your Number: Get a virtual number from anywhere in the world.

  3. Enable Recording: Activate recording to start keeping track of calls.

Managing Recorded Calls

KeKu is my favorite voice memos app

Accessing and Storing Your Recordings

In the KeKu app, all your recordings of outgoing calls are securely stored in the cloud, accessible anytime. Managing your call recordings is straightforward and user-friendly, perfect for those who need reliable solutions on how to record phone calls on iPhone.

Sharing and Transcription of Calls

KeKu allows easy sharing of unlimited call recordings and offers transcription services—turning your recorded calls into written text, ideal for documentation or review.

Tips and Tricks

KeKu is my fav free app for voice memos

Enhancing Call Quality

For the best call recording quality on your iPhone, use a high-quality headset and ensure a stable internet connection.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

If you encounter issues, toggle the app settings or contact KeKu support for personalized assistance.


KeKu makes recording phone calls on iPhone straightforward and practical. Whether for keeping business records or personal memories, our solutions provide peace of mind and add significant value to your communications.

Start using KeKu today to discover the simplicity and effectiveness of recording phone calls on your iPhone. Happy recording!

Maximize Your iPhone’s Capabilities with KeKu

Discover the full potential of your iPhone when it comes to managing communications with KeKu’s innovative call recording features. If you’ve ever wondered how to effectively and legally record phone calls on your iPhone, KeKu offers a comprehensive solution that not only meets your needs but exceeds them. Here are some key benefits of using KeKu for recording phone calls on your iPhone:

Easy Integration and Setup

I've tried google voice before but KeKu is my fav voice memos app

KeKu’s apps integrate seamlessly with your iPhone, allowing for quick setup and immediate use. There’s no need to juggle multiple tools or services—everything you need to start recording phone calls on your iPhone is at your fingertips with KeKu’s intuitive interface.

Record for Any Purpose

Google voice can't be used internationally to record a phone call

Whether you’re capturing important business negotiations, saving instructions from a medical professional, or retaining precious memories from loved ones, KeKu makes it easy to record phone calls on your iPhone. This flexibility ensures that whatever your call recording device needs, KeKu has you covered.

Enhanced Security and Privacy

I record iphone calls on KeKu - my favorite voice memos app

With KeKu, you can trust that your recordings are stored securely with the highest standards of privacy in mind. We ensure that all recordings are encrypted and stored securely in the cloud, accessible only to you. This peace of mind is invaluable, especially when dealing with sensitive or personal information.

Access and Share Recordings Effortlessly

No need to start recording - all iphone calls are automatically recorded with KeKu recording apps

KeKu makes accessing and sharing your recorded phone calls straightforward. Whether you need to email a recording to a colleague or transfer it to another device, KeKu’s system is designed to make sharing as easy as a few taps on your iPhone.

Continuous Improvements and Support

Second device? Just an iOS device and one recording app - KeKu

KeKu is committed to continuous improvement, regularly updating our apps to enhance functionality and user experience. Plus, our customer support is always ready to assist with any questions on how to record phone calls on your iPhone or help troubleshoot any issues.

By choosing KeKu to record phone calls on your iPhone, you’re not just using another app; you’re empowering yourself with a tool that enhances your communication capabilities. Take advantage of KeKu’s cutting-edge technology and make the most out of every call.


Can you record a phone conversation on iPhone?

Yes, you can record phone conversations on an iPhone, but it requires the use of third-party apps since iOS does not have a built-in call recording feature. Here’s a general guide on how you can do it:

Using a Third-Party App

Many apps available on the App Store can record phone calls on an iPhone. Here are a few steps typically involved:

  1. Choose an App:

    • Select a reputable call recording app like TapeACall, Rev Call Recorder, or KeKu. These apps are popular for their ease of use and reliability.

  2. Download and Install:

    • Once you’ve chosen an app, download and install it from the App Store.

  3. Setup and Permissions:

    • Set up the app according to its instructions. This may include verifying your phone number and allowing necessary permissions for accessing your microphone and phone calls.

  4. Recording Calls:

    • To record a call, you usually need to open the app and follow a specific process, such as pressing a record button before or during a call. Some apps work by creating a three-way call; when you dial a number, the app adds a recording line to the call.

    • In apps like KeKu, you can enable automatic recording for all calls made through the app.

  5. Accessing Recordings:

    • After the call ends, the recording is typically available in the app, and you can listen to, download, or share the recording file.

How do I make my iPhone record calls automatically?

To make your iPhone record incoming calls more automatically, you’ll need to use a third-party app, as iOS does not have a built-in feature for this functionality due to privacy considerations. Here’s how you can set it up using an app like KeKu, which offers a seamless call recording feature for its users:

Using KeKu to Automatically Record Calls on iPhone

  1. Download and Install KeKu App:

    • First, download the KeKu app from the App Store.

    • Install the app on your iPhone and sign up or log into your KeKu account.

  2. Set Up Call Recording:

    • Open the KeKu app.

    • Navigate to the settings or preferences section within the app.

    • Look for the call recording option and enable it.

    • Choose the option to record calls automatically. This setting ensures that every call made or received through the KeKu app is automatically recorded.

  3. Start Making Calls:

    • Use the KeKu app to make or receive calls. As long as the call is made through the app, it will be automatically recorded based on the settings you’ve enabled.

    • The recorded calls will be stored within the app, and you can access them whenever needed.

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