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Second Phone Number: Why You And Your Business Need One

by KeKu
Second Phone Number

If you aren’t yet using a second phone number, you may be missing out on some enormous opportunities and inviting conflict and inefficiency into your personal life. Keeping your professional online interactions separate from your personal life is critical both to your security and your focus.

But do you really need to carry two phones with different numbers, or is there an easier way? By integrating virtual phone numbers, all you need is one device; your current smartphone.

Here are six great reasons why you need to be using a virtual phone number.

1. A second or a new phone number is useful when you’re setting up a new business entity.

When starting a new business, autonomy and individuality is key, not just for your focus but your happiness as well.

By using a second phone number on your smartphone, you can receive business-related calls and SMS text messages while keeping your personal number free from unwanted calls.

You also get the added bonus of creating a clean and distinct presence, which will ultimately make your business appear more professional and trustworthy. You can choose memorable vanity numbers, national toll-free numbers or easy to dial local numbers with specific area codes from KeKu.

Getting a virtual phone number for your business opens you up to a whole world of flexibility. You can easily set up routing schedules, extension numbers, greetings and voicemails for your employees. You can also record your calls to improve your customer support and resolve disputes faster.

And even better; now that you no longer have to buy, rent or setup desktop phones, you end up saving a lot of money! Best of all, you and your employees can now use their favorite phone to make and receive calls. Say goodbye to stiff necks, and let your employees use whatever hands-free headset they prefer! They’ll thank you for it.

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2. Virtual phone numbers are a great tool for A/B testing.

By purchasing multiple virtual numbers, you can publish each one in a variety of ads and test which ads are the most effective. You can start with just two numbers and add more as you go. For the owners of new or expanding businesses, testing is critical in product or service launch.

3. If you use a virtual phone number, callers from online listings (e.g. Craigslist) won’t annoy you.

If you want to buy or sell something on Craigslist, it’s a great idea to purchase a virtual number to help protect your privacy and keep your identity safe. After you complete the exchange, simply ditch the virtual number! You won’t receive annoying calls with burdensome questions.

4. When you’re dating, protect your privacy with a second phone number.

Hey, we get it, maybe you’re just not sure yet if you’re really into that mysterious stranger at the bar. How about you give them your virtual number instead? Calling and texting works if you use US, UK or Canadian numbers purchased at KeKu.com.

5. You can register for internet services with a virtual phone number.

App culture today is evolving at an unbelievable rate. In January of 2018, Forbes reported that the Apple’s App Store generated over $26.5 billion in revenue for developers in 2017. That’s a whole lot of apps! Every day it seems like we have to register for a new social network or messaging app. Keep your identity secure and use a virtual number when registering for all these new services.

Keep in mind, on a small percentage of sites; virtual numbers may not work. Facebook and WhatsApp, for instance, do not allow a customer to register with a virtual phone number. Don’t fret though, for the majority of sites and apps, a virtual phone number will work great! We have tested competitors such as Second Line, Grass Hopper, Burner, Sideline, TextFree, Hushed and Flyp among others and unfortunately none of their virtual numbers work with Whatsapp, Telegram and other services.  

6. Take your business international with local virtual numbers.

If you run your business abroad, even as a freelancer, you may still need to talk to your clients directly over the phone. By creating a virtual number headquartered in your client’s country, you can easily and inexpensively maintain contact.

If you purchase your virtual phone number from KeKu calls will be free for your clients (given that they are using a nation-wide calling plan). For you, incoming calls are free if you have an internet connection or if you forward your calls to a U.S. number. (If you forward your calls to another country, there is an inexpensive per-minute rate.)

You also get the added value of creating a digital presence in the country of your client. In some cases, this can make your client feel at ease in using your service or product.

Also, incorporating business SMS messaging is a great way to help your company succeed.

These six reasons are just the start to all the fantastic ways KeKu can expand and enhance your life or business. There’s still tons more to learn, so head on over to KeKu blog and take a look at all the other great posts.

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