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The 10 Most Prestigious Phone Area Codes and How You Can Get One

by KeKu
212, 917, 718: old and prestigious area codes in New York City

Your phone area code says a lot about you. When a call comes in from a “310” number- you immediately know that you are being called from Los Angeles. All of a sudden, you are making associations between the caller and the “SoCal” lifestyle. In its own way, your phone’s area code works as a subtle marketing device. Those three little numbers are conveying important information to anyone you call; where you can be reached or which part of the country you are from and it even imparts hints about your social status and occupation.

Because of this, callers all across the country are paying an unbelievable price to obtain specific prestigious area codes. It’s their way of ensuring they are sending precisely the message they want to their social circle, business partners and potential clients. Some are even spending close to six figures to acquire a specific Los Angeles or San Francisco area code.

For businesses, having an area code specific to their city of operation is very important. As mentioned before, a Los Angeles “310” number is extremely valuable and rare. As the city expanded, it incorporated a new area code “424” to account for the growth. But 424 doesn’t sell “Los Angeles” in the same way 310 does. Businesses are therefore willing to pay high dollar to achieve exactly the number they want. The area codes first used in a city come at the highest value and these are known as “original area codes”.

With that being said, thanks to the growth of virtual phone systems, obtaining the exact phone area code you want is easier than ever. For example, a virtual phone number from KeKu allows you to choose from a variety of prestigious area codes, all for only $9.99 per month. A virtual number works the same way as your local number. With the KeKu app, you can manage as many numbers as you want alongside your primary number – all on your existing smartphone. That means you can simultaneously use phone numbers with various area codes for your business and personal needs. Now there’s no need to spend exorbitant amounts of money to market yourself the way you want.

10 Most Popular Phone Area Codes In The United States

1. (650) – South San Francisco Bay area, Silicon Valley (California)

The tech boom has made San Francisco and Silicon Valley a very trendy area to live and work. It’s the home to giant companies like Apple, Google, Tesla, and many other tech pioneers. Implementing the 650 area code could make a huge difference in your credibility if you currently work or aspire to work in the tech sphere.

For professionals in the tech industry, having a (650) area code can serve as a subtle but powerful signal of being part of the Silicon Valley ecosystem. This proximity to tech giants and a multitude of startups offers unparalleled networking opportunities, access to talent, and the chance to be at the forefront of technological advancements. It’s not just about being in Silicon Valley physically; it’s about being integrated into a community known for its dynamic, innovative culture and for being a global leader in technology.

Moreover, the prestige associated with the (650) area code extends beyond the professional realm. It reflects on the lifestyle and the socioeconomic status of its residents. The area is known for its high cost of living, driven by the tech industry’s success, which has inflated housing prices and living expenses. This has created an exclusive environment where entrepreneurs, investors, and tech professionals live, work, and socialize, further cementing the area code’s status as a badge of success and innovation. For anyone looking to make their mark in the tech world, a connection to this area, even as simple as having a (650) area code, can open doors and create opportunities that are hard to find elsewhere.

2. (202) – Washington (District of Columbia)

As the original area code of our nation’s capital, a Washington D.C. 202 number has become synonymous with government “staffer culture.” If you are currently working as a government intern, staffer or aspiring to find work inside the capital- this is the area code for you. Got political aspirations? A 202 area code may help your chances.

The 202 area code is a symbol of power, influence, and access at the highest levels of the United States government. This area code carries with it an air of authority and connection to the political heartbeat of the nation. For those in the political arena, having a 202 area code is more than a matter of convenience; it’s a strategic asset. It signals to colleagues, lobbyists, and constituents alike that you are deeply embedded within the networks that navigate the complex machinery of American governance. This can be particularly advantageous for up-and-coming politicians and those seeking to establish a foothold in Washington’s competitive political landscape.

Furthermore, (202) phone numbers act as a gateway to a unique ecosystem of think tanks, non-profits, and international organizations that call Washington D.C. their home. For individuals passionate about policymaking, international relations, or public service, a 202 number is not just a communication tool—it’s an emblem of your commitment to engaging with the core of American political life and policy development. This area code positions you within a vibrant community of thought leaders, decision-makers, and influencers who are shaping the future of the nation and the world. Whether you’re advocating for change, seeking to influence legislation, or building a network of contacts that can propel your career, the 202 area code serves as a powerful symbol of your presence at the center of it all.

3. (310) – Los Angeles (California), (818) – Hollywood (California), (626) – Pasadena (California)

As mentioned before, that 310 area code is one of the most sought after area codes and therefore, one of the toughest to acquire. Los Angeles is one of America’s most important trend-setting cities. LA is the home of Hollywood, it boasts a huge real estate industry and many love to identify themselves with the “SoCal” life. There are a huge amount of reasons to market yourself with a 310 area code. The 818 and 626 area codes of Hollywood and Pasadena are also always in high demand.

The allure surrounding phone numbers beginning with 310 stretches well beyond the geographical limits of Los Angeles, capturing the essence, luxury, and cultural impact of one of the globe’s most emblematic metropolises. Numbers starting with 310 are more than just a series of digits; they signify a connection to the heart of the entertainment industry, high fashion, and opulence, where the influence of Hollywood is a fundamental aspect of the local ambiance. Obtaining a phone number with the 310 prefix is comparable to gaining access to an exclusive circle, where your association hints at a link to the influential circles and upscale lifestyle characteristic of Southern California. For both individuals and businesses, featuring a 310 phone number on a business card or in marketing materials isn’t merely a way to provide contact information; it’s an influential branding mechanism that conveys a message about one’s stature, ambitions, and consonance with the avant-garde trends that spring from this dynamic area.

Furthermore, the difficulty in securing phone numbers that begin with 310 underscores their exclusivity and appeal, marking them as prized possessions for those aiming to make their mark in Los Angeles’ competitive landscape. Whether one is engaged in the entertainment business, the thriving real estate market, or any of the diverse enterprises prospering under the SoCal sun, phone numbers with the 310 prefix can act as a key distinguishing feature. They broadcast to customers, partners, and rivals that you are positioned at the forefront, where pivotal decisions are made, and trends are established. Similarly, phone numbers with the 818 and 626 prefixes, linked to Hollywood and Pasadena respectively, carry their own prestige, signaling a level of prominence within their specific fields—whether that be in cinema, television, or the arts. Collectively, these prefixes delineate a territory of cultural and economic hubs within the Los Angeles area, each offering its distinct benefits and connections for those navigating the intricate dynamics of California’s most vibrant city.

4/5. (917) and (718) – New York City (New York)

New York City is the center of it all, the Big Apple. And these two area codes cover the majority of the city and its five boroughs. New York City is the hub for a wide variety of industries; finance, fashion, entertainment, sports, politics- you name it. Marketing yourself as a member of the most bustling city in the world could mean a lot for your business and personal life. However, 917 and 718 area codes are often in limited demand, so if you want a New Yorker number, you’re going to want to acquire yours quickly!

Acquiring phone numbers with the 917 or 718 prefixes is often challenging due to their high demand. These numbers are not just digits; they’re badges of honor that signify your presence in the heart of action and opportunity. For those eager to align themselves with the prestige of New York City, securing one of these coveted phone numbers should be a priority. Whether for elevating your business’s profile or enhancing your social network, a New Yorker phone number can serve as a crucial asset in navigating the competitive landscape of the city. So, if you’re aiming to stake your claim in the Big Apple, act swiftly to obtain your 917 or 718 phone number and cement your status as a true New Yorker.

We didn’t include the 212 area code in our review. It’s an old and sought after New York City code but there isn’t a reliable source of such phone numbers, so we cannot recommend one.

6. (512) – Austin (Texas)

As the capital of the largest state in the US, Austin has really grown to prominence of late. Austin is known for its eclectic music scene, the famous Austin film festival and has also become a headquarter city for many burgeoning startups. Therefore, 512 is a very valuable number as it is the city’s original area code.

7. (312) – Chicago (Illinois)

Another booming American metropolis is Chicago, and the 312 area code, which is the city’s original area code, will immediately tell callers that you are a part of the windy city. The 312 area code encompasses the Chicago Loop, which houses the majority of Chicago’s business center.

8. (415) – San Francisco (California)

415 is an original area code for the San Francisco area and in fact was one of the first three area codes created in the state of California. 415 covers a large portion of San Francisco and also stretches north into parts of Marin and San Mateo counties.

9. (617) – Boston (Massachusetts)

Founded in 1630, Boston is one of the oldest cities in the United States and was one of the headquarters of the American Revolution. Today, the city is just as relevant. Aside from its cultural and historical importance, Boston has a very high quality of life for its residences and its past as a shipping port has made the city an economic hub. Boston is also home to a number of prestigious universities; Harvard, MIT, Northeastern, Emerson, Berklee and plenty more. Bostonians have a lot of local pride, so if you move there, or doing business there – make sure you get yourself a New England Patriots jersey and the original area code of Boston, 617.

10. (305) – Miami and the Florida Keys (Florida)

Known for its glitzy resorts, long beautiful beaches, and a booming real estate economy, Miami and the Florida Keys have become a popular vacation, retirement and travel destination. And with high tourism levels comes increased business opportunity. If you want to take advantage of this, make sure you are marketing yourself as a local with a Miami’s original 305 area code.


A prestigious phone area code can make a huge difference in your business or social life, so make sure you choose your number wisely.

And with KeKu, you don’t have to just choose one area code. With the KeKu app- you can purchase and use as many numbers with as many area codes as you would like. If you want to market yourself different for separate customers, simply purchase multiple virtual numbers. The KeKu app will help you manage all your numbers in one place, so you never have to worry about getting your numbers and area codes confused with one another.

Ready to get yourself a virtual number with a prestigious area code? Head on over to keku.com/virtualnumbers and choose from our huge selection of area codes. With KeKu, you can make sure your phone number is sending the precise message you want, all at an affordable rate.

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