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Free WiFi Calls to any USA number

by KeKu

Ever been in a situation when you’re abroad and need to call your bank on a land line without breaking your bank account? Or the airline that does not accept Whatsapp Calls or Facebook Calls (what business does)? How do I WiFi Call that business for free as I travel? You can quickly download the KeKu app, register it with your mobile phone number and then use the app to place completely free calls to any number in the USA over a WiFi call while traveling abroad. Your registered Caller ID (your true Caller ID) will show up so that recipients and even your voice mail box would recognize you right away. There is no limitation to the length of the wifi call with KeKu unlike with other telephone services such as IndyCall, PopTox, call2friends, iEvaphone, Dingtone, TalkPanda, PokeTalk, VoipBuster, Voxox, Xone, Bigo, Adphone, Flash2Voip, Dingaling, Knowlarity or Free Global Safe Calls among others.

Moreover, all wifi calls can be recoded if “call recorder” feature is turned on and, if there is a need to accept free incoming wifi calls while abroad, a “virtual number” can be purchased for a modest monthly fee right from the app. Otherwise, it’s a completely free wifi call.

Always travel with the KeKu app on your phone. Download it before you go.

It works anywhere there is internet. When you travel, connect to a wi-fi and call the USA for free via the KeKu app. The people you call will see your real phone number on their screens – as if you didn’t go anywhere. Calls to the continental USA are free with the KeKu app.

You can also cheaply call international numbers via the KeKu app. If you need to call the country where you are, KeKu most of the time is the cheapest option. 

And if you want to receive calls while abroad, send and receive SMS, get an inexpensive virtual number. You’ll be available no matter where you travel.

Should you be totally off the grid, the KeKu virtual number will record voicemails for you and the moment you connect to a wi-fi, you’ll receive a notification. All missed SMS will be delivered to your phone and you’ll have a chance to reply – for free!

The virtual number is just $9.99 per month. It’s much lower than what we’re used to paying here, in the US, for the phone numbers. Use that number for personal or business purposes. These numbers are really robust.

You can forward calls from the KeKu virtual number to any US number.

Create extension numbers (that’s mostly useful for business purposes; if you’re planning to use that number yourself, you don’t have to use the extension numbers at all). Extension numbers are included for free with any KeKu virtual number.