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Calling From a Computer: how to dial a real telephone number from your PC, Mac or Linux computer

Bonus: Calls to the USA are free!

Setup free KeKu account and dial from the browser. PAY AS YOU GO.

Your cellphone has lost its connection as your carrier is experiencing an outage. Or maybe that poor connection is more than a one-time problem and you have a whole network coverage issue. There’s not a whole lot you can do until the telephone company fixes the problem on their end. And what about those awful times when you forget to charge your phone and the battery is completely dead? When these situations occur, the ability to call from a computer could be a real lifesaver.

With Keku, you can avoid all of the challenging consequences that arise when you are unable to use your smartphone. If you have a computer around with an internet connection- you can still make calls all over the world using your phone number.

How do you call from a computer using KeKu?

  1. To make and receive calls from a computer, first get a KeKu account. It’s free and so easy to do.
  2. If you already have a KeKu account, log in on a Chrome browser and head to the Call from Computer page.

Calling the USA and internationally from computer using a free KeKu account -

You can choose the caller ID. That can be your personal phone number or your virtual number.

Make calls straight from the web page! No plugins or additional software required.

Use a headset if that’s more convenient.

Calling the USA and internationally from computer using a free KeKu account

Calling from a computer is that easy: just sign in and make your call!

Your contacts will see your caller ID and they will instantly know it’s you calling.

With KeKu, calls to the USA are free. And international calls are cheap and high quality.

What features can I use when calling from a computer?

At Keku, we are really proud of our calling apps. They feature a clean, intuitive user interface and outstanding functionality. What’s even better, using Call from Computer you can access the same functionality from your desktop PC or a Mac.

Through your account screen you can easily:

And again, by using the computer interface- you can make calls with multiple caller IDs. And should any questions pop up – just contact our quick and friendly customer support.

Recording calls on a computer

Call recorder has proven to be an invaluable function for users of the KeKu app. Calling from a computer allows you to access the same functionality.

With the call recording function you can;

  • Keep records of your calls with your loved ones; remember with Keku’s low international calling rates, you can talk with your loved ones overseas as much as you want and record these special, heartwarming calls so you can listen to them again and again.
  • Share recordings of important business calls with business associates, colleagues, supervisors, lawyers etc.
  • Listen to the first 30 seconds for free or access full recordings for a low rate of $9.99/month

Call recording is a really exciting feature and the ability to access call recording on a computer makes it even better!


Smartphones have made calling so much easier. But sometimes, we need other methods to make our calls. With KeKu, you don’t need to worry if your cell phone battery dies or if you are experiencing poor cellular signal, just make your call from your Mac, PC or Linux computer.  

If you haven’t signed up for KeKu yet, get started by heading over to The features are amazing, the call quality is high, and we are always searching for the most affordable way for you to connect.

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