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Business Text Messaging: The Future of Customer Experience

Well, it’s happened again: You’ve been put on hold. Why don’t they use a business text messaging service? An automated recording has assured you that the next customer service representative will be with you as soon as possible. That was twenty minutes ago, and you’ve been listening to the same horribly repetitive “hold music” ever since. You had a feeling that this phone call was going to be tedious, and so far, your experience has proven you right. You’re exhausted. You’ve been on the phone for half an hour and still haven’t spoken to another human being. And just as you’re at your wit’s end, just as you’re about to terminate the call, a robotic voice jumps on the line to cheerfully exclaim: Thank you for holding! Your call is important to us!

Did that scenario seem painful? Of course, it did. No one would enjoy going through that experience, and nobody should have to. And yet every day, businesses across the world force their patrons to have that exact same experience. They stick to familiar, more traditional approaches to customer service, despite all of the obvious flaws in the system. They assume that there aren’t any other options. At KeKu, we beg to differ.

Keku: Business Text Messaging

One of the key tools in our “Keku for Work” toolkit is a business text messaging service. With this service in place, your customers will no longer have to deal with 30-minute wait-times. Instead, they can type up a message, press “Send,” and rest easy knowing that their inquiry is already on its way to one of your staff members. Through texting, you can keep messages short and efficient, cutting right to the chase and saving you time in your workday otherwise spent on the phone. And because you can edit these messages at your leisure ahead of time, you have more time to ensure that they’re well laid-out, thoughtful and accurate. Connecting with the customer suddenly becomes a breeze.

When you introduce text messaging between you and your customers, those automated recordings instantly become a thing of the past.

No New Hardware

Look closely, and you’ll find that when it comes to implementing non-traditional approaches to customer service, it’s never been more affordable than it is right now. If improving the quality of the bond you have with your clients isn’t enough to convince you that text messaging is a route worth taking, here’s another: It is that rare, radical technology that requires no new hardware. There are no gadgets to grab, no wires to unwound. By downloading the KeKu app onto your smartphone and purchasing one of our custom-generated virtual phone numbers,  you can set-up the ability to send and receive SMS text messages, instantly and with no long-term contracts. You can cancel at any time.

The Future, Right At Our Fingertips

When determining if business SMS messaging is right for your company, it’s immensely important to acknowledge what the future of both your customer base and workforce will look like. Need a hint? One word: Millennials.

As reported by Forbes Magazine, millennials find phone calls to be far too formal, and they’re instead drawn towards more casual forms of communication. At the same time, however, they’re eager to create a dialogue, which emailing is not always the most conducive to. Business text messaging has the personal touch of a real-time phone call, while still giving both your customers and team members the time and flexibility to reply at their leisure. It is, in actuality, the perfect balance of both.

It’s no secret that technology is rapidly redefining how businesses approach consumer communications, and we at KeKu are eager to provide your team with the tips and tools necessary to keep you at the front of the pack. Stay up to date with our blog updates to be one of the first to receive our recommendations fresh from the oven. We’re here to steer you in the right direction.

At this very moment, your competitors are (like you) searching for ways to stay on the frontlines of facilitating consumer relations. But by implementing SMS text messaging for your business, you can stay on the cutting edge of providing a quality customer experience.

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