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Check out our  great loyalty program

Earn free minutes by referring your friends and family to join KeKu. You can earn up to $10 bonus credit for every friend that begins using KeKu! Your friend gets free minutes too!

Your friend buys You get They get



$10 ($5 credit + $5 bonus)



$15 ($10 credit + $5 bonus)



$25 ($20 credit + $5 bonus)

KeKu customers earned over 1.1 million FREE minutes this past year with our loyalty programs!
  • 1.Send an invite
  • 2. Your friend creates account, adds credit and makes a call
  • 3. You earn free credit
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We take care of loyal customers!
With our bonus program, you are eligible for bonus credit on your second credit purchase and thereafter. To receive this bonus, you must add credit through our website.

Recharge Free Bonus Total Credit
$20 $2.00 $22.00
$25 $3.75 $28.75
$50 $10.00 $60.00

Our loyalty program countries this month are: Angola, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Nigeria!

Don't see the country you call? Don't worry! We offer new selections every month.