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Simple, cheap international calls

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Here's why 21 million people around the world rely on KeKu's technology.

  • No tradeoffs. Low cost calls. Great HD sound
  • Works from any phone or computer
  • Keep your real caller ID
  • Make free calls to KeKu users, and get free credit for inviting friends!
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Make international phone calls anywhere dirt cheap. There are no hidden fees.

Save money. Talk longer.

Your choice of low-cost calling plans and low per minute rates that work from any phone or computer. Plus, talk free to other KeKu users! No hidden fees. Credit never expires.

  • Unlimited world calling plan to 67 countries just $24.99 monthly — our #1 plan for business calling
  • Unlimited country calling plans, like just $15.99 monthly for India
  • Low per minute rates around the world, like Nigeria for 5.9¢ /min, Cameroon 11.8¢ /min, and many more...
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Sound quality is great... Call international numbers affordably. Call KeKu users completely free.

HD quality sound

Advanced sound technology provides incredible HD quality sound.

  • KeKu works over WiFi, 4G/3G, or with local access numbers
  • Options to call from any phone or computer
  • HD quality sound and super reliable connections
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Use your own phone number as the caller ID, so anyone you ring knows who's calling.

Your real caller ID and contact list

When you make a call through KeKu, we use your phone number as the caller ID — no more unknown numbers showing up on your friends' phones. Plus, KeKu syncs with your smartphone contacts.

  • Real caller ID so they know it's you
  • Syncs with your smartphone contacts to make it easy to dial
  • Use your account from any phone or computer
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Try KeKu. You'll love it. Anyone can use KeKu with any type of phone.

Earn free credit

Get KeKu free for each friend you refer that signs up.There's no limit to the amount of referral credit you can earn.

  • Get a personal referral code, you can share to recruit friends and get credit
  • Get up to $10 credit for each friend that signs up
  • Talk free to other KeKu users!
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One of KeKu's most interesting features is you can set up local numbers that you can assign to each international contact.

Local numbers for international contacts

You can dial your contacts at the touch of a button from our apps. You also have the option to create local numbers for your international contacts — numbers local to you that instantly connect to your international friend.

  • Local numbers are 100% free and yours to keep!
  • Save them to your phone for easy access
  • Great way to call if you prefer using your minute plan instead of data/WiFi
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Save big on your phone bill while travelling.

Save money when travelling

Call over WiFi using the KeKu smartphone or Chrome desktop apps to avoid roaming and international calling fees. Your friends see your real caller ID.

  • KeKu's low rates are the same no matter where you call from
  • Free calls to other KeKu users
  • Use your real caller ID while abroad
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Create Local Numbers for Your International Contacts.

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Create Local Numbers for Your International Contacts.


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