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Cheap international calls.

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Available for iPhone and Android

Call other KeKu app users free (worldwide) and make high quality, international calls for less. You'll enjoy great KeKu rates whenever you make a call from the app by selecting a contact or dialing a number. Simple!

Plus, if you are in one of our 41 countries that have Local Numbers, then you can use the app without Internet access! View in App Store, Google Play and Chrome Web Store.

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Dial straight from the app keypad.

Call other KeKu app users FREE.

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Good quality  

by Heart in Cuba7777

Found the App works greats. Cuba is very expensive to call and they were the cheapest as well as several other countries.

Break your phone if you dont install keku 

by Mado

Keku is an butiful for very cheap call and sms(this is cheaper app 4 call in app store belive me i search 1 years and i dont see app likes keku ) i love u keku 4 ever thanks 4 how makes this app ai will make any think to make this app in top 10



Excellent. Qué calidad! Sigan así porque van muy bien. ARMALOUR

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