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If you do not see ‘Allow’ button open a new tab, go to chrome://settings/contentExceptions#media-stream and remove from the exception list


Become a KeKu Ambassador!

Earn $5 bonus for every person you bring to KeKu PLUS 5% back for every dollar they spend! No credit card? No problem. You can add credit to their account right away from the ambassador portal, and they pay you cash. Take your pay out in cash or KeKu credit as soon as you reach $10 in bonus! Get started as an ambassador today.

How it works
1Apply for an Ambassador Account
2Create accounts and load credit onto them
3Earn bonus credit every
time they make a call
Customer action You earn
Makes first call $5.00
Spends $50 $2.50
Spends $100 $5.00
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